Asking the Right People, the Right Questions, the Right Way,
and Effectively Using the Answers to Make More Money


Mission Statement

"My business is slow and getting slower. I've tried a million ways to get new customers but I don't get any real results. I just don't understand why it's so hard to grow my business."

Thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses suffer from not understanding their customers. They don't what they are doing right that causes customers to come to them. And, importantly, they don't know why customers choose to shop a competitor instead.

Essentially, they lack a clear understanding of the needs of their customers and prospects which, if exploited, would assuredly grow their business.

Often ego or downright stubbornness prevents entrepreneurs or small-business executives from using market research. They think they know the needs of their customers better than the customers themselves. Frequently, they feel that marketing research is too expensive, complex or just won't provide new answers. As such, they plough blindly ahead, wasting money on dull or meaningless advertising, promotion or sales events or introducing irrelevant new products or services. They fail to understand that a small expenditure on marketing research could point them in the right direction.

Marketing research is not a black box. It is not just for big companies. It can be used effectively and economically by any business or entrepreneur seeking to maximize the opportunities for success and minimize the costs of failures. It also provides a valuable teaching text for most any student of marketing research.

Essentially, the mission of MORE Guerrilla Marketing Research is to build upon the success Guerrilla Marketing Research, first published in 2006. It updates the original book by adding over 100 pages of new and state of art discussions of how to ask the right people, the right questions, the right way and effectively use the answers to make more money.

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