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We are very proud of the professional reviews More Guerrilla Marketing Research and it's predecessor, Guerrilla Marketing Research.

"Market research is the first step to a successful business, and Kaden's new book shows even the smallest start-ups how to put it to good use."
Kirkus Review
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"It will be of special interest to owners/CEOs of small companies and to other decision-makers with relatively limited resources that Kaden carefully explains the key motivations and messages 'that will cause prospects to become customers and customers to buy more'..."
Five Star review from Amazon & Borders Top Ten Reviewer, Robert Morris
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This publication is a great addition to the "guerrilla marketing" books designed to give practical advice to smaller and medium-sized businesses. Kaden, a long-time marketing research practitioner, devotes the first few chapters to explaining the importance of research'..."
CHOICE magazine - July / August 2006
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"Kaden follows in the footsteps of Jay Conrad Levenson, whose Guerrilla Marketing books essentially give aspiring marketers with small budgets the wherewithal to market their products or services at a grass-roots level. He also aims to give entrepreneurs and those running small businesses the means to manage their own research initiatives, just as big companies do."
Stephen Turner for The Library Journal
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